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Our Mission at FluentWorlds™ is to lift the world through technology-powered education. Dr. Linda Bradford, PhD, and David Bradford, JD/MBA, are the Founders of FluentWorlds™. In 2015, they were honored as one of the Top Four Couples in all of America.

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Our Mission at FluentWorlds™ is to lift the world through technology-powered education. Dr. Linda Bradford, PhD, and David Bradford, JD/MBA, are the Founders of FluentWorlds™. In 2014, they were honored as one of the Top Four Couples in America.

Now imagine an educational app or an online classroom where instead of having video games interfering with classroom instruction, video game technology is at the core of the instructional paradigm.

In 2008, Dr. Linda Bradford found herself in the early stages of obtaining her PhD in Instructional Technology. She was introduced to the concept of online virtual classrooms. The Lights went on.

Dr. Linda went on to spend the next five years devouring every piece of literature and scientific study regarding the use of 3-Dimensional gaming technologies in education. She then created the world’s first 3-D online classroom built specifically by educators for educators.

In 2011, as part of her dissertation work, Linda engaged a professor at a University in the State of Idaho to test her the following Question:

How would students perform academically using an online 3D classroom versus meeting in a traditional physical classroom?

Her specific study centered on the impact of these 2 different classroom environments on the creative thinking process. Roughly 100 students were studied with 50 of them taking a course in the Online Virtual 3D Classroom with avatar characters and the other 50 took the same course, from the same instructor, with the same number of in-class hours in a traditional physical classroom. One can access her dissertation here:

The Viability of Virtual Worlds in Higher Education:
Can Creativity Thrive Outside the Traditional Classroom Environment?


In short, the results showed that those students that took the class in virtual 3D had higher learning gains than those in the traditional classroom.

Based on those remarkable findings, the Bradford's applied 3D gaming technologies to the world of language learning.

Hence, FluentWorlds™ was born! Within one year, the App had risen to be among the Top 100 Educational Apps in the world on iTunes out of over 220,000.

Here is more about the Founders.

Dr. Linda Bradford has been a life-long educator. She received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and taught in the L.A. City School District. After living for 7 years in California, the family moved to Utah at which time Linda went back to school and earned her Masters in Art Education in 2002 ‘With Distinction’. This is an honor that has been given only twice in 20 years from the Heads of the BYU Visual Arts Department. She taught Art at Brigham Young University for 11 years. In 2012, after 5 years of full time courses and dissertation work, she received her PhD from BYU.

Her husband, David Bradford, is a proven business leader with over 35 years of experience in the computer industry. He ran not one but 2 technology companies that were listed in Forbes as America’s 50 Fastest growing Tech companies.

In November of 2017, David was honored with the prestigious “LifeTime Achievement Award” by Utah Business Magazine. In October of 2013, Bradford was inducted into the Utah Technology Hall of Fame. Mr. Bradford served as CEO and Chairman of Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO), a pioneer of a new storage memory platform. In this role, he brought together a management team that included Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple and saw the company named America’s “most innovative” company by BusinessWeek. He also served as CEO and Chairman of HireVue where the company raised over $70 Million in capital and became the DeFacto Standard for Video Interviewing, twice named as HR Product of the Year.

FluentWorlds™ is now launching a Direct to consumer sales strategy where users will be able to participate directly and earn extra income by simply sharing Fluentworlds™ with others.

The Single most powerful form of product promotion known to man is personal "Word of Mouth" Thus, Fluentworlds™ has launched its product through a consumer to consumer, referral based, marketing channel. It is essentially the UBER model for language learning.

The company and its thousands of team members will be harnessing the power of word-of-mouth, person to person relationships, to build a massive network of individuals representing and learning with the Fluentworlds™ suite of remarkable language learning products.

Thus, imagine the 500 Million people in China today studying English from their smartphones while immersed in typical, real-world situations – like an airport, hotel, restaurant, even Virtual Las Vegas.

The FluentWorlds™ technology platform has been built by the brightest people in the industry including our Female Founder, Dr. Linda Bradford – one of maybe only 5 people in the world that has done her dissertation specifically on the efficacy of studying in 3D virtual worlds v. the Physical classrooms. Other key team members include Jeff Adams, one of the God fathers of voice-recogntion technologies like Siri. Jeff led the development team that built the Amazon Echo.

Tim Doner, is a Senior at Harvard University. He speaks 23 languages and is the Global Brand Ambassador for FluentWorlds™. Here Tim explains our revolutionary Virtual Immersion Method.

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    "It was my dream with Fluent Worlds for people not to just learn words but to experience the words in a new language in their world!"

    - Dr. Linda

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